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Car Wash in Faribault, MN

The Mikes Garage For Car Wash

Regularly washing your car not only keeps it looking good, but it can help your car perform better, and add years onto the lifespan of your vehicle. A regular car wash can help clear off corrosive chemicals – a great idea right after the snow has melted away and you won’t have to deal with salt and cinders until the next winter. The same goes for in the summer time, as tar from all the road construction throughout Rice County can mar your finish. Of course, if you are one of the many who like to take their trucks and SUVs off road, you’ll also want to clean off all the mud you’ll be slinging. When residents of Lonsdale, Northfield, Faribault, and the rest of southern Minnesota want a high quality car wash at an affordable price, they bring their vehicles to Mike’s Garage.

Exterior Auto Detailing Services

Basic Hand Wash
A thorough hand washing of the exterior and power washing of the wheels, finished off with a towel dry. We even do a quick vacuum of your interior floors!

Premium Hand Wash and Seal
We take the basic hand wash up a notch, getting into the nooks and crevasses of your vehicle’s exterior. This includes washing and drying the wheel wells, door jambs, and trunk jambs. Tires and wheels are cleaned and shined, and we finish it off with AQUA SEALING the paint. This package also includes an extended interior vacuuming.

We provide top-notch Auto Detailing as well. Be sure to visit the Auto Detailing page for more information.

Car Wash in Faribault, MN
The service staff does what needs to be done and I feel that I can trust them to be truthful with repairs-they won't tell me I need a repair that isn't necessary. The price is fair and affordable and its a friendly environment. You can tell that the staff enjoy their jobs and you know they are doing the best work possible. Barb L


No Question Is Too Big or Too Small

At Mikes Garage Service, we provide concise, professional and friendly repair service for the Faribault region. Give us a call at (702) 365-9100 to set up an appointment, or fill out the form on our website!

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