Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement in Faribault, MNYour timing belt is an incredibly important part of your engine and is incredibly complicated. It helps to synchronize the engine’s functions, including the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. It also closes and opens engine valves to allow gas and air in for combustion. Unfortunately, timing belts give very little warning when they break, and they can cause massive damage throughout the engine, including damage to the valves, pistons, or water pump. Timing belt replacement may seem expensive, but it is a necessary preventative repair. Bringing your car in for timing belt replacement can prevent you from coming back for something much worse.

Why Choose Mike’s Garage for your Timing Belt Replacement?

Technicians experienced in proper timing belt replacement

Timing belt replacement can be complicated, so having technicians who know their way around engines from all car makers is paramount. Incorrect diagnosis or incorrect replacement can cause further problems. Our technicians know how to install replacement belts to meet manufacturer specifications so that your engine timing stays the same as the manufacturer intends.

Thorough inspections for accurate diagnosis

Before we suggest a timing belt replacement, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the timing belt and associated parts. Sometimes, the timing belt might not need to be replaced but merely tightened. It may not even be the timing belt that is the issue – it could be other areas of the engine. By being thorough, we ensure that all problems are found and presented to you, the customer.

Comprehensive Overviews

Given the cost of timing belt replacement, we feel the customer deserves a comprehensive overview of the process, and the opportunity to questions so they can be clear about what is going on. We will show you the current belt, go over our repair process in detail, and provide you with a full range of repair options.

Repairs Performed with Quality Timing Belts

At Mike’s Garage, we use only quality replacement timing belts and other parts in the course of repairs. Inferior timing belts will wear faster, meaning you’ll need timing belt replacement done again. No one likes having the same repairs done close together, and using OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts ensure that we don’t see you back for the same problem anytime soon.

Convenience and Benefits for our Customers

  • Digital Inspections with pictures for your viewing to provide you clear understanding of the issues with your vehicle and those results can be emailed directly to you.
  • 3 year, 36,000 mile service guarantee on all parts and labor.
  • Customer conveniences including a waiting area with free WiFi, Caribou Coffee, children’s playroom, and more.
  • Available loaner cars
  • Rewards Program


If you are in need of timing belt replacement in Faribault, Minnesota and surrounding communities, or you have any other car repair needs, give us a call at Mike’s Garage or stop in. We’ll show you why we are a hometown favorite when it comes to caring for your car, truck, or SUV